Rules of Procedure
Casa Sol do Ave

Article 1 - Classification

1.1 Casa Sol do Ave is classified as tourism housing in rural space; 

1.2 The Casa Sol do Ave has License n. 37/2009 issued by Vieira do Minho City Council; 

Article 2 - Description of the House
2.1 Casa Sol do Ave has 3 rooms with double beds. Each room is equipped with a TV and a private bathroom. It has living room with fireplace, support for meals with kitchen, dining room and bathroom service;
2.2 It has an Outdoor Leisure Area inside the property with Garden, Lawn, Barbecue and small park for children;
2.3 The house is fully equipped and furnished, has chimney and fire safety system;

Article 3 - Reservations
3.1. Reservations can be made up to one year before the date of occupancy;
3.2 The house may be reserved, for one or more nights, provided that a telephone contact is made, by e-mail, online or through the website;
3.3 The reservation will become effective after payment of the total amount of the stay and the completion of the duly signed Customer registration form together with a photocopy of the citizen's card / passport / driving license;
3.3.1. The following data are required for filling in the Client form: Full name, address, telephone, citizen's card / Passport; 

Article 4 - Damage
4.1. After the guests leave, an evaluation will be made of any damages;
4.2. Guests should respect all interior and exterior space of the house, not damaging furniture and existing objects;

Article 5 - Keys
5.1 The delivery of the keys to the guests will be performed by the receptionist at the entrance of the house and must be returned at the time of departure;

                                                                                                                            Casa Sol do Ave, 2017